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“Multi best selling Author, Visionary, Psychic Tarot Reader, Mentor and Metaphysical Teacher, Psychic Grace is no ordinary channel. She has the ability to bypass the interference and cut right to the core to help you understand who you are, what you are, and why you are here. She doesn’t just give you messages – she gives you answers!”

Hi, I’m Psychic Grace, and have been a professional Intuitive Visionary doing readings for people for over 20 years, I have developed my own style of readings that are far more powerful than a simple psychic or tarot reading. Adding the dimension of an intuitive visionary reading, starting with the tarot cards, allows me gain access to your blueprint for this life; the potential outcomes that remain in your control and that which is your fate.

I can provide you with the big picture of your life, where it’s going, what’s your life purpose, what type of business to get involved with, investments to make, who you are best to share your life with and how to get there; plus help you solve the problems you’ll meet along the way.

love tarot reading Psychic Tarot ReadingsBecause I can help you see what’s around the corner, in most cases, I can also help you adequately prepare for what’s to come, to bring you from not knowing to knowledge and empowerment. In today’s fast changing world, we could all do with a secret weapon of knowing what’s around the corner and how to deal with it. You can create consistent momentum toward your goals without getting stuck or side tracked.

As we face challenging times ahead, both economically and socially, these changes will have a great impact on the quality of our lives. I find the Tarot most useful in helping me understand why my life circumstances are the way they are so I can make positive changes to have a more positive future. My clients also find it most helpful in navigating their way through difficult times and difficult decisions. Voyager has become my deck of choice because it is not biased towards any one path or spiritual belief and cultural background, though I do draw on other decks if the person’s energy is more aligned to that particular imagery. This allows my readings to be very relevant and personal no matter whom I am working with.

I do not believe that everything in your future is set in stone, so I can help you see any obstacles you might face with projects, businesses or issues as well as a way to avoid potential futures to positively co-create what you want immediately, medium and long term in your life.

love relationships tarot card Psychic Tarot Readings- If you want help with making an important decision or
- Need some answers to challenging issues
- Want to find your life purpose
- Need to know how to find your Soulmate
- Want to figure out what is holding you back or keeping you stuck in life
- Are looking for clarity in your relationship
- Want answers about your future, business or success path
- Lack direction and need clarity

Then I’m your reader and mentor, because these areas are my specialties.

Sessions can be delivered in person in Brisbane (Deagon/Sandgate or Toowong), Byron Bay or on Skype.

$60 30minute Reading
$90 1hr Reading
$140 1.5 hr Reading or Life Purpose/Soul Mate Consultation

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